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With poetry from over 50 poets, the Perspectives Anthology through the art of poetry, conveys different points of view or perspectives concerning the autism spectrum and other neurological, psychological, social, and communicative disabilities. The poems in this volume are from those with disabilities, by those with disabilities, about those with disabilities, as well as from the point of views of family and friends of those affected. Perspectives hopes that its poetry will convey not only understanding, but unity, and a sense that despite different perspectives and different ways of living life, we are all human. Get your copy on Lulu.

Praise for Perspectives

There is no voice more important in a community than the voice of those affected. The publication of Perspectives Anthology: Poetry Concerning Autism and Other Disabilities provides moving examples of these voices. The more we hear from individuals on the autism spectrum the more we can understand their varied experiences and extraordinary talents.

Patricia R. Schissel, LMSW
President, AHA
Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism Association (AHA) Inc.

"I want to help you grow/be spectacular against the morning sun," writes Kathleen Vibbert, typifying one of the major thematic perspectives in PERSPECTIVES, an important volume of poems about people with autism and other disabilities -- and those whose lives are interwoven with them. These are people who we are urged to see anew: "human as the charismatic preacher/as strong as the circling astronaut..." according to Laura Wysolmierski. Poet after poet urges us to see the humanity of those 'locked in syndrome.' "We should see the light of the soul in all of us," says Wysolmierski -- and Perspectives helps us to do just that. These are voices most of us rarely hear. This is a necessary and urgent collection, compassionate and unflinching. And a fitting reminder that everyone is entitled to their humanity.

George Wallace, first Poet Laureate Suffolk County.

Refreshingly honest and occasionally startling, Perspectives pulls back the clinical curtain so as to reveal the inner thoughts and emotions of the Autistic, a word -- which Karrie L. Waarala's poem points out -- that is one letter different from Artistic. From Corina Lynn Becker's generalized image "now it is safe for me to muse/ with allies that help and not control," to Joanna Goodman's specific depiction "But you are teaching yourself/ fine, physics/ through juggling erasers," this anthology gives poetic insights and poignant moments about the lives of those with autism and other states of being that affect social interaction. With intimate portrayals of families and individuals seeking the muse of creativity or the secret to well-being, a wide-spectrum of poetic voices convey the emotion and spirit beyond the labeling of conditions. I highly recommend this anthology for therapist and doctor waiting rooms, as well as bookshelves. WARNING: Perspectives might make you question the normalcy of so-called societal norms. Any way you look at it, you'll be reminded of our commonness, or as Megan Hammond writes, "It's the fire/ We all share/ And have as people/ Forever." - Mankh (Walter E. Harris III) - writer, editor, publisher of Allbook Books

"Perspectives shows a wide range of views- from positive to negative, parent of autistics to adult autistics themselves, light-hearted to decidedly mature. This collection is greatly diverse, and bound to both inspire and challenge you- whatever your perspective is." ~Savannah Logsdon-Breakstone, Director of Advocacy, Autism Women's Network

"It is rare for an anthology of poetry to be so moving yet so educational. The autism and disability communities should embrace this poignant collection." ~Dana Commandatore,

"There's some right beautiful pieces in this, and more windows into people's experiences than I'd have thought possible." ~Thelma, neurodiversity blogger,
" What a glorious way to show the world the richness and diversity of this community. How different and unique each voice is." ~Louise, neurodiversity blogger,